Why men figure prominently when it comes to getting plastic surgery

It is a fact men are conscious of their appearance as much as women. However men still spent more time at the gym or clothing stores they are also taking advantage in the field of cosmetic surgery and many are increasingly turning to make longer lasting and more significant self-improvements. So anyone who says men are not self conscious about their appearance should think it over because according to Dr. Mayank Singh who is the head of Radiance Cosmedic center more men than ever before are opting for a cosmetic procedure. Dr. Mayank is one of India’s few board certified plastic surgeons and a leading authority on hair transplant, which according to him is the number one procedure for men, followed by gynecomastia treatment or male breast reduction and  liposuction.

Nothing wrong if a little nip there and little snip there helps

It is estimated male grooming market across the globe is worth billions of dollars and with those opportunities competition to get a slice of that pie is increasing day by day and at the same time the value on appearance has become the new norm of the society. Men want to look good and women want them to look good Period!

That is why more than half of medical appointments with consulting plastic surgeons is all about making that little change which will have a huge impact on appearance and confidence of an individual. In new India the part  the trend is driven by celebrities who are becoming more bold and open about their grooming and whose appearance in widely discussed and not to forget cricketers who are endorsing hair transplant.

Innovative plastic surgery technologies is a real game changer

One other factor which is important to discuss is that after getting almost any cosmetic surgery it enhance looks it is now possible not t giving away their surgery secret. So that is very strong reason for men and that is why there has been an increase.

It is not only important to be good at what you do but one must also make themselves look sharp often competition in both the workplace and the mating game is the main reason that prompts men to turn to facial procedures to keep them looking younger. According to Dr. Mayank “men in their 30s and 40s come to me surgical procedures that are long-lasting and give them a refreshed appearance but older men, in their late 40s, 50s choose neck and facelifts that tighten certain areas rather than lift the whole face.

Recovery time has decreased

Men in most households are primary bread winners and since it is not easy to explain time off work or to friends or colleagues thanks to advances in technology and techniques most produces are now far less invasive and men can be back at work with little down time.

Balaji Subramanian is a writer for Radiance Cosmedic Centre. I am writing informative blogs related to hair and cosmetic surgeries.

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