Must Have Health Apps in 2017

Everyone has something they want to improve about their health. Some want to improve their diet. Some want to exercise more. Others may want to quit smoking. Increasing how much water a person drinks is also a popular fitness goal.

If we got in the “Way Back Machine” and a person wanted to make these changes before the age of smartphones, social media, and the internet, they’d be largely on their own. Thankfully, we’re in the digital age and there’s an app for everything.

No matter what fitness goal you want to achieve, there’s likely an app for your Android or iPhone that can help you along. From tracking your progress to making health recommendations, these apps are must-have health apps you need to try out.


Everyone needs positive encouragement and reinforcement anytime they start a new fitness regime or program. ACTIVEx provides you with both workouts and hooks you up with a positive, supportive community. ACTIVEx has customized workouts based on your fitness level, available equipment, and how much time you have to train. You can get it free from the iTunes store. The free version will provide you with one workout a week. Upgrade to premium for $3.99 per month get all the workouts you want. Plus, the app comes integrated with Spotify so you can work out to your favorite tunes.

Charity Miles

Want to get healthier or move more while helping out worthy causes? Charity Miles is a great app to help you do both. Available for both iPhone and Android, Charity Miles keeps track of how far you’ve walked or biked. You can donate by simply selecting your charity and the app will donate $.25 cents for every mile walked/ran and $.10 cents for every mile biked. The funds for the donation come from corporate sponsors like MasterCard and Humana. Charities include the Special Olympics, Stand Against Cancer, the ASPCA, and more.

Healthy Out

Healthy Out is a must-have for anyone who ever eats out. Available for free on both iPhone and Android, Health Out could help you make better choices. The app allows you to choose from dine-in or take out. Based on your zip code and nutritional requirements, Health Out will show local restaurants and the dishes that meet your needs.

E-Cig Diary Vaping App

If quitting smoking is one of your health goals, switching to vaping can help you accomplish it. Vaping can help you make the transition from smoking analog cigarettes to being smoke free. If you’ve already switched to vape pens, the E-Cig Diary Vaping app can help you track how much you’re saving, how long you’ve been smoke free, and how many cigarettes you -haven’t- smoked. For more advanced vapers, there are options that help them mix e-juice, calculate battery life-span, and for those who make their own coils, it has an Ohm’s law calculator. You have to upgrade to the paid version or click banner ads for unlimited access to these additions.


Water can curb appetite and possibly up your energy, but many people don’t drink enough. There’s an app for the iPhone that can help remind you to drink water, track the amount of water you’ve already drank, and analyze past consumption for an overall view. Just choose a partial glass or bottle of water from a list and it adds it to the amount, making keeping track easy. The app is free from the iTunes store, but in-app purchases at $2 per year or a one-time payment of $3 buys you no ads, unlimited ‘drink your water’ reminders, and detailed tracking graphs.


Grocery shopping can already be a tedious chore, but if you have to repeatedly scan nutrition labels to make sure you’re adhering to your specific diet needs, it can drag on. By inputting your specific health needs, then using the barcode scanner, Shopwell can tell you if a given food meets your requirements. You can earn coupons and gift cards for making healthy selections as a bonus. The app is available for both iPhone and Android.

Pocket Yoga

Yoga can help you destress, lose weight, and keep limber and fit. You can bet there’s an app for all the Yogis out there. Rated as one of the best Yoga apps of 2017 by Healthline, Pocket Yoga uses vocal and visual instruction to take even a beginner through each pose and breathing techniques. The app has a library of over 200 illustrated poses and 27 programs to fit any experience level. Pocket Yoga is available for $3.99 for both Android and iPhone.

No matter what your fitness goals, odds are there’s an app that can instruct, track, or even just provide the tunes to rock out to while you get fit. We’ve highlighted just a few – what’s your go-to fitness app?


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