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Must Have Health Apps in 2017

Everyone has something they want to improve about their health. Some want to improve their diet. Some want to exercise more. Others may want to quit smoking. Increasing how much water a person drinks is also a popular fitness goal. If we got in the “Way Back Machine” and a person wanted to make these changes before the age of smartphones, social media, and the internet, they’d be largely on

How Well Do Health Trackers Really Work for Managing Chronic Conditions?

Physicians call it the 5,000-hour problem. If you have a common chronic condition such as cardiovascular disease or diabetes, the expert in charge of your health for almost all of your 5,000 waking hours annually is—you. And, frankly, you won’t always make the best choices. “The behavior changes that are necessary to address chronic disease are much more in your hands than in the doctor’s,” points out Stacey Chang, executive

Mobile phone health apps: how useful are they really?

Have you turned to a mobile app to manage or improve your health? Apps that claim to treat everything from pimples to depression appeal to the anxiety many of us harbour about our health. But how trustworthy are they, and what’s the evidence behind their effectiveness? Associate Professor Carol Maher, a researcher in mobile health apps from the University of South Australia, says there’s a few basic principles people can

SleepHealth app launched to study sleep habits and health

WASHINGTON, March 2 (UPI) — A new sleep monitoring app from the American Association for Sleep Apnea is expected to help people improve their sleep habits and general health, but will also contribute to a crowd-sourced study on the connections between sleep and health outcomes. SleepHealth is the result of a collaboration between the AASA and IBM, which has linked the app to the Watson Health Cloud to store, analyze