The 5 Nastiest Things You Can Do To Your Oily Skin



Summers are here to stay for another 2-3 months and for oily-skinned people; it only means a prolonged period of further torture! Dealing with shiny skin just after minutes of washing face, hair sticking to a sweaty neck, makeup melting at full speed, bangs pasted to forehead and waking up with a face that’s shinier than a disco ball are just some of the ordeals a person who has an oily skin goes through. And the reality is that in spite of thousands of products available in the market claiming to banish oiliness from your face, the most they can do it keep away oil for a limited period of time. Maybe in your attempt to keep shine off from your face, you are committing some crimes which are making it even oilier and dirty! Here’s a list of mistakes which you may be doing and need to stop as soon as possible to have a healthy oily skin free of blackheads, pimples and clogged pores:

  • Not using a moisturizer:The biggest misconception among oily skinned people is that since their skin is naturally emollient they do not need to use a moisturizer. However the truth is that the oil produced by your skin does not provide any kind of hydration to it. If you are going through moments of experiencing flaky skin coupled with oiliness on it, this must just be the reason. All you have to do is use a moisturizer as per your skin type so that it does not contribute to the existing oiliness on your skin. Water based moisturizers work great for oily skin as they are light in texture and get easily absorbed without making skin greasy. They will help you increase the water content in skin. Clean n Clear skin balancing moisturizer is a good budget quality option as it has a water based formulation and also contains salicyclic acid to fight acne.



  • Using a strong cleanser: If you are under the impression that a cleanser which is strong in nature and rips off all the oil from your face in a harsh manner will keep your skin oil free for long, you are wrong. Using such a cleanser will provide you with a squeaky clean skin but only at the expense of producing more oil on your skin. Wondering how? When you use a cleanser with a harsh effect and too many times, you rip off the oil from your face and in an attempt to compensate for that, your skin ends up producing more oil. So throw any those cleansers and instead go for gentle cleansers which remove oil and dirt from your face but without making it taut.

3) Using Alcohol based products excessively: A lot of people swear by Alcohol based products because they reduce the chances of pimples by killing acne causing bacteria formed on skin. Also because they have an almost drying finish, they provide an instant matte effect on skin. But the thing with them is if used in excess, they can lead to over-drying of skin. You may not see an instant effect but in the long run, there will be a sudden backfire and your skin will get only shinier. Also an alcohol based moisturizer won’t hydrate your skin properly but in fact, will only form a layer upon your skin making you feel that it is receiving a good boost of hydration.
4) Not using face packs:If you are not using face packs meant for your oily skin type, you are only worsening the situation. An oily skin attracts a lot more dirt and bacteria than other skin types. Clogged pores are also a common thing. Just washing face at the end of the day is not the ideal solution for a deep cleansing. Using face packs is also mandatory. Sandalwood face packs are quite popular as they are known for suppressing acne due to their cooling properties. Besan is another ingredients commonly used in face packs to take away excess shine along with reducing tan. Face polishes are also a great way of adding glow and get rid of all the dirt and grime.

5) Touching makeup the wrong way: Touching makeup the wrong way can impact your skin in more harmful ways than you realize. If after devoting an hour for your makeup session, you wonder that at the end of the day how it has turned patchy, the answer lies in the fact that you may be doing touch-ups the wrong way! An oily skin goes through a lot through the whole day. But instead of applying compact again and again on your oily face to powder it andmattify it, use blotting papers first and then do a touch-up. When you keep touching up again and again solely with compact, you are clogging pores and inviting pimples to come of your face. An oil blotting sheet takes away the shine off from your face. This way you are ensuring that you are applying powder on top of your shine less face and not on an already oily face.

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