The Best Personal Use Medical Alert Systems for Seniors and Their Families

Many of today’s seniors prefer to stay in their homes for as long as possible. In order for their families to accommodate their senior family members’ wishes, they need the reassurance that their senior family members can receive the care they need if an emergency situation develops. The staff at recently researched and reviewed what they consider to be the best personal emergency response (PER) medical alert systems available for seniors and their families to use.


In an effort to determine which personal emergency response systems (PERS) deliver the best service, the staff of spent hundreds of hours interviewing experts in the field of elder-care, pored over system service contracts, and personally tested the top medical alert systems from a list of 69 available in today’s market. Additional criteria included base stations that are cellular-enabled and allow the user to be connected to a central monitoring center. They focused solely on the ability to press a single button and receive the assistance needed. For the purpose of their evaluation, they felt this basic ability was the single most crucial function to rate.

Criteria for Making the Cut

The following is a list of some of the criteria evaluated for each system tested.

  • Each system must provide nationwide coverage and service for their clients.
  • In order to be considered, the system must not require the use of or purchase of a home security system in order to operate.
  • The company must have a simplified online ordering process.
  • Companies that offer automatic fall protection.
  • Must have equipment that is waterproof to allow for use in a bathroom environment.
  • Must offer convenient plans that don’t require locking clients into a contract.
  • Must be easy to set up and not require a technician to install.

After reviewing nearly 70 medical alert systems, the staff recommends Bay Alarm Medical for best customer service and bedside manner, and MobileHelp for best technology devices. You can take a look at the extensive research and more information on the top picks here:

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