The Truth Behind Anti-Aging Product

“This product with scientific formula have been clinically proven to reverse premature signs of aging with antioxidant packed and improve skin suppleness, as the skin look reborn and younger.”

These skincare product advertisement look-alike is common especially for women nowadays. They are being monopolized by skincare product company with beautiful models in such advertisement, as they pointed that young and beauty come across the same line, while wrinkles and fine line is an unpleasant appearance that must be eliminated.

As the ‘war’ against wrinkles are being issued, many skincare companies compete by themselves to produce anti-aging or anti-wrinkle cream and lotion with various ingredients and chemicals such as Alpha Hydroxy Acids (AHAs), lyposome, collagen, elastin, and so on. People are blinded by beauty ads, they are like being haunted to feel younger forever and willing to spend more money into it.

However, people do not aware that anti-aging product is not the answer for maintaining youthful skin. There are hidden risks in certain product that will harm your skin and health.

Anti Aging Product

Here are some points:

1)      AHAs are a class of chemical compounds either naturally occuring or synthetic. Most of acids being used in cosmetics are glycolic acid and lactic acids. AHAs in skincare cream are used as peeling skin, and normally it can increase reversal rate of tumor cells, reduce the depth of wrinkles and promote water retention in new cells. However, this substance can increase photosensitivity to sun, causing side effects including blistering, burning and skin discoloration.


2)      Liposome is phospholipid bilayer in an aqueous solution. It is 200 times smaller than skin cells. Liposome can transport moisture to the outer layer and make it fluffy. However, liposome physically cannot penetrate into the deep skin to give long term effect of fluffiness.


3)      Collagen is a naturraly occuring proteins, the main component of connective tissue and can produce taut, young-looking skin. Collagen form mechanical cushion for the skin by giving support, so the skin look dense and smoother. However, collagen become lesser as the time passed by. Do not be fooled by anti-aging product. You have to know that by apply collagen product does not replenish collagen in your skin. This is because their molecules are much more bigger to penetrate the deep skin.


You can slow down the wrinkle production but you cannot remove them. Diet and healthy lifestyle are the key points to get healthy skin.

1)      Do not expose too much with sunlight. Make sure you apply sunblock cream, wearing hat or umbrella to reduce the sunlight absorption to skin.

2)      Drink lots of plain water to get rid of toxic waste in body as well as maintain dense skin. Have a balance diet by take more vegetables, fruits, nuts and grains. Nutrients give you natural beauty and confidence.

3)      Regular exercise is needed at least three times a week to get better blood flow and get enough sleep to help body and skin rejuvinate by their own.

4)      Reduce your stress wit joyful moment because stress produce wrinkles to your skin.

5)      Stop smoking as smoker will get fine line around their eyes and mouth.

Develop internal beauty more worthy as it represent external one. Reduce the application of chemicals to your skin. Use the natural ingredients which give no harm and safe.

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