Tips to Get Your Child Active



Getting your child physically active doesn’t require a gym membership or any expensive purchases but it will be more successful of you get involved.
Here are some ideas to make it your child active :
1. Make a list with your child, of activities or sports they show interest in. Avoid discouraging their ideas even if they are far-fetched.
2. Look at what is available at school or in your locality
3. If your child is interested in an activity or sport, ask if you can hava a couple of complementarty session to see how they cope and note their level of interest.
4. Avoid activities where long periods of standing are requires.
5. Encourage activities that require both physical and mental application – taekwondo, gymnastics, tennis, badminton, squash or table tennis are great example.
6. Select activities that are around 30 -40 minutes duration.
7. Push your child’s school to have five minute physical activity breaks each hour if possible. This could be as simple as playing ‘Simon says’, stretching, jumping up and down or pretending to be the weather.

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8. Get yourself physically involved. Partner your child in their activities. Try ball throwing, skipping, shooting baskets, pool games or jogging.
9. Encourage your whole family to play chasing or tag, stuck in the mud or hide and seek.

10. Invest in a few toys such as juggling balss, fit balls and hula hoops.
11. Most importantly have fun and praise your child for his achievements.



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