Top Benefits of Gel Electrophoresis

Gel electrophoresis is the process of segregation of particles created by electric current. Eminent researchers and scientists use it to test the human body and other organisms at the genetic level. The procedure segregates the DNA elements to figure out the occurrence of specific genetic markers as well as the presence of ailments and physical disorders. The super precision and comparatively low cost of the testing method has helped science to chart genetic markers for a range of blood-borne ailments, which includes sickle cell anemia. Are you interested to learn about the benefits of gel electrophoresis? Here are the top benefits of the process:

Versatile test

The process is a versatile and dynamic diagnostic examination for nucleic and protein separation as well as for fingerprint separation. The procedure is commonly applied in the medical industry to test a range of genetic blood disorders like thalassemia and sickle cell anemia in one or double dimensional examinations to segregate proteins and spot genetic markers. The process has also been used to assess different fish species and figuring out the valuable characteristics of wheat and soybean by assessing and segregating DNA elements.

Reduced usage cost

Based on the findings of Crop Science, which is a journal for genomics, biotechnology, and molecular genetics published by the esteemed Michigan State University, the cost of gel electrophoresis is not around $2.60 for each gel sample, run-through examination. It may be even less than 3 cents for every point of data. When it comes to genetic research and examination, electrophoresis is one of the affordable methods of recognizing genetic markers on a wide scale with machines holding at least 100 samples at every time. Therefore, we see that the cost is cheap and makes scientific research on genetic matters easy and convenient.

Precise results

When it comes to the results of gel electrophoresis, it is extremely precise and accurate. There is no doubt about the same. That is the reason why scientists and researchers rely on the process so much. If the procedure is performed in the right way, it has the potential to segregate proteins existing within a cell into 1,500 different pieces. The process is also extremely selective because it has the ability to discern the differences in DNA samples no matter if these samples vary by as insignificant as two base pairs.

It will lead to accurate test results that help scientists and researchers as well as lab technicians to come to an inference regarding the genetic makeup of diagnosed species to develop into healthy, hardy crops. The procedure also helps in the determination of the possible occurrence of ailments in humans.

Additionally, with more studies and research, the process might eliminate the presence of diseases at the genetic level. Yes, it is possible with further study and research. It may take some time but scientists believe that they can do it with advanced technology and knowledge. The results as of now are accurate and there is not a shred of doubt about it.


Now that you know about the benefits of gel electrophoresis and want to learn more about it, you can do your research to enhance your knowledge.

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