Understanding the Bad Effects of Alcohol On the Body


The use of alcohol across the United States has remained unaffected by the rise in people seeking treatment for addictions. The CDC states that the dramatic rise in binge drinking for those 18 to 34 accounts for more than 17 billion drinks consumed over the past year. Choosing an alcohol rehab center Florida residents place trust will help you begin the process of recovering from an alcohol addiction.

The Insidious Nature of Alcohol

The use of alcohol has become a steadfast part of American culture. Banners and ads can be seen in the most innocuous locations and always seem to depict people having tons of fun times along with the use of alcohol. It’s no wonder why it’s become the most commonly abused drug to date. Statistic show that many people try their first taste of alcohol well below the legal age limit, which sets up the scenario for early alcohol abuse and addiction.

How Alcohol Can Become A Sudden Problem

Alcohol is the prime example of a drug that works by the user becoming tolerant, which then leads to dependence. You can end up with a serious alcohol problem in a short amount of time. Attending a few parties with heavy alcohol use over a few months time on a regular basis can lead to dependence. You may not even realize you have a problem until you try to completely quit drinking.

Alcohol Effects On the Body

The effects of alcohol are typical for any type of depressant. Your breathing and heart rate will slow and with too much you can suffer a toxic level in the blood that leads to poisoning. You can literally quit breathing or go into cardiac arrest. It’s dangerous for the younger people that find themselves at parties involving binge drinking. Alcohol dramatically affects the motor skills, even after as little as one drink. It’s the main reason for drinking and driving is an unlawful activity.

The Strain to Internal Organs

Alcohol places a strain on any of your internal organs that are involved in filtering waste from your blood. It includes the liver and kidneys. The liver can develop a build-up of scarring called Cirrhosis that eventually proves fatal. It can directly negatively impact your immune system and leave you susceptible to all sorts of illness and disease.

Alcohol Use and the Brain

Drinking large amounts of alcohol over a long period of time has a direct effect on your brain. It can begin to kill brain cells at alarming rates and reduce your ability to remember events, places, and names, both short and long-term. It can lead to periods of blackout and coma. The serious effects on the nervous system make alcohol addiction one that should only be treated at a proper rehab center that is experienced with alcohol withdrawal.

Nutrition Depletion and Alcohol Use

Long-term heavy alcohol use can also deplete your system of major nutrients and vitamins that are necessary to maintain normal body functions. It can also leave you exceptionally dehydrated. Individuals that consume large amounts of alcohol will begin to notice dramatic drops in weight due to a lack of appetite and not having the basic nutrients that are needed to completely digest foods.

The Dangers of Unsupervised Withdrawal

As accepted as the use of alcohol in social situations, the withdrawals from addiction are some of the toughest for any known drug. It’s not advisable for anyone to attempt withdrawal on their own. You can easily and quickly end up in a life-threatening situation such as seizures or coma. You should only go through withdrawal at a designated treatment center and be supervised by trained medical professionals.

Alcohol Treatment and Ongoing Recovery

An alcohol addiction is one that will require maintaining therapy to avoid relapse for the rest of your life. The draw to this substance is so strong that relapse is almost a guarantee at some point during recovery. You need to have a strong support system that can get you back on track right away. The benefits are the development of lifelong friendships with people that understand what you’re going through.

You can get free of alcohol addiction when seeking the right treatment that focuses on your total health and well-being. Building bridges to a non-judgmental support system are one of the best strategies you can develop when undergoing alcohol treatment.

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