A study says that 90% of the approximate count of UV rays can cause various skin diseases which is why, as the summertime comes, we must protect ourselves by making use of sun protection products such as sunblock, caps, and umbrellas as we go out.

Unknown to many, there are two types of UV rays. A UV radiation with a shorter wavelength also known as UVB, more harmful but is less capable of penetrating the skin. They vary in the level to which they can enter the skin. UVA has a long-wavelength that can cause rapid aging, immediate tanning, and can raise the possibility of having skin cancer.

However, UV exposure doesn’t only happen as we go outdoors; it can also occur indoors at our house and even in our cars. The hot season is where we tend to find beaches that can help us beat the heat, which might include traveling. With a typical type of car tint, 35% of these harmful ultraviolet rays can still enter your car make sure to have the best protection this summer with best products and car tint that can help you lessen your UV exposure.

To learn more about the difference between UVA and UVB and how you can lessen your exposure from this harmful radiations, check out the infographics below from Global Tint UK.

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