Vaccine to prevent heart attacks

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As we know, heart attack is one of danger disease around the world. It become a big problem because it can happen to all people and sometimes we don’t know about it. There’s a scientist in Indian claim that a vaccine against heart attack is being developed and could available in market within five years. A team from Cedars-Sinai Heart Institute in US and Lund University in Sweden has make experiments that shown the possibility to alter the way the immune system reacts to plaques in the arteries to reduce inflammation and the severity of the build up. The injections of antibodies could prevent the build up of fat in the arteries.
The team has make a formula to reduced plaque build up by 60 -70 percent in mice. The vaccine called CVX-210 currently in development as an injection and waiting regulatory clearance to start trials. A second vaccine will be formulated as a nasal spray. Others approach of directly injecting antibodies against bad low density lipoprotein which carries cholesterol in the blood and forms the basis of the plaque is in trials. The antibody, BI-204 developed by BioInvent and Genentech has been tested in 80 healthy people. A trial of BI-204 in America and Canada involved 144 people with heart disease will measure plaques in the arteries over time.


It is good innovation but the price won’t be cheap. So, the best thing is always maintain you health.

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