Vietnam and Cambodia infect with H5N1 virus

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Vietnam and Cambodia has found the H5N1 death human from this bird flu. This new cases of H5N1 appear to be linked to contact with poultry. In Vietnam, the 18 year old man died of the disease after being hospitalized a day earlier. The man was working at a duck farm when he fell sick with a high fever and problem to breath. His family has been checked and confirmed no infected.
In Cambodia, 2 year old boy diead after developing the symptom. He was reportedly in contact with sick poultry in his village.
The virus infect only those who come in direct contact with diseased poultry. The expert still research about this disease. They fear it will mutate into a new form that could passes it from person to person.

Source :- Washingtonpost

Before this, we already fear of H1N1 and now the new bird flu arrive. Hope it can’t mutate.

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