Weirdest Sleep Experiments

There are hundreds of researches held in the past and are currently going and surely will go on in the future as well. These experiments are in context to sleep disorders, importance of sleep in our life cycle etc.

The research usually consists of hours of monitoring in the lab followed by again hours of specialist analysis. Then comes the outcome of bad sleep, good sleep and their psychological & physiological effects followed by suggestions and remedies to overcome the problems.

Lately the researches have given some in depth and valuable analysis which shows bad sleep or lack of sleep leads to serious medical disorders like cardiovascular disease, hypertension, obesity and many others.

Among the significant researches and results over the years over sleep, there have been some silly and few uncanny experiments as well and they obviously ensued in some horrible results & conclusions.

Here is an infographic which compiles few of the Weird Sleep Experiments in the history of mankind and their research work.


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