What is a superfood ?

Have you found the supermarket labels with titles ‘ Number One Superfood Everyone Should Eat’ ? Maybe some of you have found  the banner or bunting in front of the supermarket. It is the advertising that could attract consumers to buy it without knowing whether the food is really has benefits.

What is a superfoods

Maybe we don’t know about superfoods. The superfoods are vibrant, nutritionally dense foods that offer tremendous dietary and healing potential. They are powerful sources of vitamins, enzymes, protein, minerals, antioxidants, essential fatty, good fats and amino acid.


Superfoods pack in the good stuff that important for our health on a daily basis. There’s a long list of foods that contain nutrients that support health and charge the body system especially when eaten on a regular basis.

What to look for ?

There’s many important things that we look at the foods such as :-

Nutrient density – The measurement of how much of any particular nutrient the food contains in regards to how much is in one serving.

Nutrient diversity –
 The measurement of how many different nutrients are available in this one food.

Phytonutrient content –
 The amount of healthy chemical compounds, known and unknown, that exist in plants. There are potentially thousands of phytonutrients in plants and any superfood should be a known source.

Toxin absence – The goal of consuming superfoods is to load the body with as many nutrients as possible. Superfoods should represent clean, hormone-free, chemical and pesticide-free sources of nutrition.

Source :  Naturalnews

There’s no food could be defined  as superfood. Don’t get fool by the commercial that claim their product is superfood.


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