What is Frequent Urination


Do you have problem where you feel to frequent urination? When you go to workplace and only 1 hour you need to go toilet? And you get poor sleep because this problem? It is not normal and you need to know about it.
The frequent urination in medical term called polyuria. It is not serious or harmful. Most of frequent urination problem caused from drinking too many fluids especially that contain caffeine or alcohol. But, some of the frequent urination is become a system for more serious disease and need to seek mediacal attention.

Symptoms of Frequent Urination

1. It happen when you pass urine more often than usual people. It also occur with urgent urination : compelling urge to urinate.
2. It is not same as urinary incontinence which is no voluntary control of bladder function. Urinary incontinence can be a cause of frequent urination.

Cause of Frequent Urination

1. It could be a habit.
2. Diabetes
3. Pregnancy
4. Prostate problem
5. Anxiety
6. Medication
7. Stroke
8. Infection of the prostate gland
9. Enlarged prostate
10. Kidney infection
11. Tumor or mass in the pelvic area

To ensure your frequent urination seek the medical analysist from doctor. They may do some test such as :-

1. urine analysis
2. Imaging tests
3. Neurological tests
4. urodynamic test

There’s are some treatment for frequent urination problem such as :-

1. Change your diet to avoid foods that can cause frequent urination.
2. Bladder training.
3. Monitoring fluid intake.

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