What is Tonsilitis

What is a tonsil?
Tonsils are glands that work like the soldiers to fight the infection in the body, it lies on the edge next to the back of the pharynx.


What is inflammation of the tonsils?
Infection of the gland in the tonsils caused by the habit of viral germs and only 15% is caused by bacteria.

How does one get diagnosed inflammation of the tonsils?
Children who suffer from inflammation of the tonsils are often not well
He will: –

It is difficult to swallow for sore throat
Smelly breath.
Strange voice
Swollen throat glands
Throat glands will be seen

Big, red and norms there are spots – white spots on it.
Virus infection is the reason that the children get colds and coughs

How inflamed tonsils treatment?
Treatments that can help is

Paracetamol to reduce fever and pain
Eat foods that are cold, soft and cold drinks
drink plenty of
Avoid hard, crunchy, spicy and hot
Antibiotics if the infection comes from bacteria

When glands tonsils should be removed?

Removal of tonsils kelanjar (Tonsillectomy):

When recurrent infection – repeat.
Glands large tonsils interfere with breathing and sleep patterns are normal for your child.
The doctor will make an individual assessment to determine what action is taken.

Can an infection of the tonsils glands have been avoided?

Inflammation of the tonsils caused by sore throat (diphtheria) can be prevented with immunizations.
If not disposed of prevention can not be done.
Provision of immunizations can prevent inflammation of the tonsils caused by diphtheria, although it is difficult to prevent. Avoid mixing with children who have colds and coughs.

Can inflamed tonsils cause severe symptoms apart from sore throat?
Severe complications were identified. These include:

Rheumatic fever (infection of the heart spoiled) due to bacterial sreptokokus and not taking adequate antibiotics.
Nephritis (acute Glomerulonephritis) is also due to streptococcal infection.
The base of the abscess tonsil glands need emergency treatment.
Recurrent inflammation of the tonsils may explain the children’s health and quality of life.

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