Why you should Keep Your Dental Appointment


Dental check-up are important if you want to keep sparkling smile. Seeing dental twice a year is recommended for cleaning and examinations for tooth health. Here why you should keep that appointment :

1. Increases the possibility of your teeth lifetime


–  Your dentist will do some checkup and give advice on how to make your teeth last longer. He/she also could bring some medicine or put a floride to ensure your teeth prevent from bacteria . He/she will use a special instrument to scrape and remove the tartar from your teeth.After than, your dental hygienist will polish your teeth using a rotating rubber cup or brush to remove any remaining plaque or stains.
2. Saving your money from other’s costly dental procedures

–  Regular check up will help you to saving money from other’s cost if your teeth have problem in the future.
3. Shortens your dental check-ups

–  If you do appointment regularly, your dental check ups will be easy and shorten. Dental could check using your schedule book and he/she could predict what happen to your teeth without detail check up.
4. Prevents gum disease


–  Regular check up could help you to prevents gum disease as the dental could do some repairing to your tooth. The gum disease could be detect earlier if you do appoinment regularly.
5. Prevents tooth decay

– Visit your dental at least 6 months is important for dental do cleanings and oral exam. He/she can check the early symptoms of dental problem that you might not know because you haven’t experienced any pain or problem.

|Tips to avoid Tooth Decay |

Seek immediate dental attention if you notice the following changes in your mouth

1. Bleed gum when you brush or floss your teeth.
2. Loosen in your teeth
3. Gums that begin pulling away form teeth
4. Red,tender or swollen gums
5. Unusual sensitivity to hot and cold

Be sure to


– Put your dentist appointment in your calendar.
– Tell your dentist about any new health problems you have been diagnosed.
– Make a list of all medications and supplements you take.
– Let your dentist know if you suffer from dental anxiety.
– Tell your dentist any problems or changes you’ve noticed with your teeth, gums or the inside of your mouth.
– You also need to keep your dental history in the easy place. For next appointment, bring it when go for dental check up.



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