Why You Shouldn’t Wear Contact Lenses While Sleeping


Sleeping while wearing contact lenses is dangerous habit. One of my friends almost blind as she forgot to remove the lenses while sleep.
While contact lenses provider always advice to remove it while sleeping but it remains as one the most commonly reporty behaviors among user.
Sometimes, they underestimate the dangerous this habit.

Dr. Rebecca Taylor, M.D from private practive in Nashville, Tennese said
“It’s like having a plastic bag over your head when you sleep.It’s not ideal for oxygen exchange.”

Cornear, the outermost, transparent layer of your eye is very sensitives as it receives oxygen via direct contact with the surrounding air while you are awake.
While we close our eyes, the oxygen suppy will be reduced since your eyelid acts as a barrier. If you not remove your contact lenses, these devices can end up being an additional barrier.
Without enough oxygen, the cornea could be damage. There’s some degree of swelling and possible a tiny crakc on the surface.
It could make your eyes infect with the bacteria.

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Overnight use of contact lenses is also bad habit. It could make you 6.5 times more likely to suffer from keratitis, which is the inflammation of the cornea.
Some cases could be healed by not wearing contacts for a while.

Don’t panic if you forgot to remove contact while sleeping. Just watch out your eyes and look if there’s a possible symptoms of an infection.
If your eyes to red, watering and discharge indicate that you should go to your nearest clinic.
If the quality of vision reduce, you may be experiencing an infection if looking at an indoor lamp.

If you wear contact lenses, always clean and remove it while sleeping. Although many contact lenses product guarantee the safety product but beware about it.

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