Health Prep for a Winter Wedding

Were you invited to a winter wedding? These events are hard to prepare for because the winter is so tough on our health. The bitter winds and stress of the holiday season put a strain on both our physical and mental health. Split-ends, dry skin and cold sores come one after the other as we take on frigid temperatures each and every winter day. Even though moisturizing lotion and cold sore treatment can cure painful winter consequences, it’s important to take precaution against these before they come. Here are some other ways to confront physical and mental stress on your health.

Moisturize Your Hair and Skin

Many of us are exposed to harsh winter conditions whether we stay inside or not. If your hair isn’t dried out from being outside in the cold winds, your skin can dehydrate from the dry winter air indoors. Having dry skin, hair and cold sores are not things you’ll want to see the next day in wedding photos. It is essential to make sure the environment you live in is healthy so that you can look and feel your best. Since your home is not immune to the burden winter bears, it’s important to add moisture to the air in your home. Do this by using a humidifier or closing up any air leaks in the house so that you aren’t keeping the heat on the majority of the day. If you’ve done this and you can’t seem to stop your skin from drying out, drink as much water as you can so your skin and hair are hydrated. With proper hydration, you can look and feel great at any winter occasion.

Fight off Stress Before it Comes

Even though you’re a guest at a wedding, it does not mean that you won’t stress about all things leading up to it. You have to consider the weather, the venue and decide on an outfit. You also have to buy a dress, buy a gift and sometimes travel. This can be a very tense time for anyone having to make decisions and worry about winter conditions. On top of that, work and family life can make it seem impossible to get anything done. When you’re feeling the pressure of everything that needs to be done and you can’t seem to keep it all straight, make a list. Figure out what needs to be done now and what can be done later. When things don’t seem to go right and you start to worry, change your mindset. Remind yourself that the main goal is for you to eat, catch up with friends and enjoy yourself. If that doesn’t work, spend time with the ones you love, take a yoga class or take part in some of your favorite hobbies to calm down. Don’t let stress get in the way of letting you have a great time at a winter event.

Find Ways to Relax

If you’re feeling run down in the winter between work, home and everything else going on during the earliest, coldest months of the year, take a break. Use some personal time and take a day off from work. Stay home and lay around for a day. If you’re not one to lay around, do something that relaxes you. Use a day to catch up on sleep even when it may seem like the last thing that needs to get done. Similar to the harsh winter conditions, lack of sleep can also prohibit your skin from getting the moisture it needs. Along with lack of moisture, lack of sleep can cause dark circles under the eyes, pale skin and acne breakouts, all of which are the last thing you want when you’re dressing up for your winter event. Clear and lively skin will give you all the confidence you need to be the life of the party. One of the simplest ways to achieve that is to keep a sufficient and steady sleep schedule.

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