Women’s Health

Women have a very responsible body that undergoes lots of changes from the birth to death. To top it all, they are susceptible to diseases such as heart diseases, stroke and cancer. Some of the major issues in women’s health are menopause, ovarian diseases, uterine diseases, reproductive hazards, breast cancer, and bone disorders in later stages of life. Further, though pregnancy is not a disease, it is a major health concern as there are so many risks involved in it. The majority of the pregnancies end up in a caesarean section either for the concern of mother’s or baby’s health, hence medical intervention is very much essential.


Health Screenings:

A woman should therefore undergo regular health checkups at regular time and age. The health screenings depend on age and health conditions- 18 to 39 years, 40 to 64 years and above 65 years. Generally it is advised that women undergo medical checks from the age of 18 years regularly.

Regular Examinations:

Regular examinations that are required to be performed are pelvic examination, Pap test and clinical breast examination. Also, you may have to undergo tests like mammogram or HPV as recommended by the doctor.

Pelvic Tests: In the pelvic examination, the internal female organs are checked if they are normal in terms of shape and size. A simple probe or a laparoscopy will do the needful.

Pap Tests: This is a test to ensure there is no cancerous growth in the sexual organs such as cervix and uterus. These organs are very essential for the reproductive functioning of the system. By Pap test, any cancer in the cervix can be easily identified by a simple in-vitro testing which does not require any hospitalization.

Clinical Breast Exam: Breasts are other important organs that are prone to cancer. It is therefore, important to check for well being and health of these organs too.

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