5 Precautions to take if you have elderly at home

Loving daughter shows her elderly mother some appreciation

The elderly are weak and have no less strength even to stand on their own. Therefore they need the full-time assistance of either their loved ones which can be their children, friends or relatives or any caregiver. Having elderly at home brings lots of responsibility on you. To perform their daily tasks, they need help. It is important for them to have a responsible person around them who can take care of their health and other things. One of the biggest problem faced by them is falling which is due to their weak bones and less strength. Falling may cause many problems right from minute fractures to severe injuries which include broken bone, hip fracture, and head. The fear of falling and suffering the pain at this age can also limit their physical activities. That is why it is essential for the care providers to take certain precautions must be followed which can help the elderly. These precautions are as follows:

 1-    Supporting your parents

An essential requirement of the senior citizens at this age is someone’s support. Due to the deficiency of calcium in their bones the elderly are weak. That is why they feel difficulty in walking and need help. It is therefore recommended that the elderly should take small steps.


2-   Walking problems of elderly

There are many difficulties faced by the older adults. It is, therefore, the responsibility of the responsibility of the care provider to take care of his needs and necessities. It should be observed with their gestures that what problems are coming in their way. For example, if while walking they try to hold the wall, furniture or any other object then it is obvious he is having difficulty in walking properly. These signs refer to the symptoms of dementia. In which the person may face issues like memory loss, weak mental ability.


3-    Proper Eye Check-ups        


Weak eyesight is yet another common issue of every elderly. They suffer from long and short-sightedness. That is why it is important for them to have regular eye check-ups as the eyesight may vary from time to time. They should wear glasses to avoid any inconvenience.


4-    Safety Measures

There are many things present in our home which can cause a problem for the elderly. They can become a reason of their falling such as the low light, stairs, and bathrooms. Therefore, appropriate measures must be taken to prevent them from falling. The house should, therefore, be adequately lighted so that they should not face any problem in seeing things, and should have secure rails as they help in balancing while going up or coming down. Such things provide high safety to the older adults.


5-   Medical care

The proper and timely check-up of the elderly parent is very important. It helps in knowing about diseases so that they can be treated on time.


Author’s Biography:

This article was written by Chris Palmer who regularly shares advice on elderly care. In particular dementia and supporting your elderly parent. You can find more by Chris on https://www.agespace.org/.


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