5 Superfoods to Include in your Diet

As the trend for disease incidence continues to rise here in Malaysia, we can all take steps to reduce our risks for the worst of them like cancer and high cholesterol by making minor changes in our diet. Including some of these ‘superfoods’ in your day to day diet will help you live a healthier lifestyle without having to alter it drastically.


Eggs (Specifically Egg Whites)

Eggs appear everywhere in Malaysian cuisine, from egg noodles to roti telur and egg sambal. They’re brilliant because they’re versatile, nutritious and cheap. They’re also a source of good quality protein, containing 12 vitamins and minerals good for brain development and memory. Egg whites are fat free and still contain the high-quality protein it does with the yolk, 17 calories with 4g of protein per egg. They’ll keep you satisfied as well as help you maintain strong bones, muscles and nails.


Mum was right when she told you to eat your spinach. While it won’t give you raging forearms like Popeye, spinach is rich in Carotenoids Lutein and Zeaxanthin. They’ve been shown to remove damaging free-radicals (natural by-products of the body’s chemical reactions) that can lead to cancer. It also contains folate which helps repair DNA and produces new cells, as well as fibre which is good for, well, you know.

It’s best eaten raw or lightly cooked, so a spinach salad or a bowl of steamed spinach is best if you’re looking to benefit from this anti-cancer hero.


Image courtesy of simplyrecipes.com


Although often seen as a punishment by children around the world, Broccoli remains a top recommended super food by physicians and researchers alike. It contains phytochemicals called glucosinolates which are protective enzymes, and the strongest of which is sulforaphane. Broccoli produces these like a champ, and eating it may reduce your risk for cancer by detoxifying harmful substances or as an anti-microbial agent (specifically against H. pylori).

Although a greasy cheese sauce is the preferred method for many to get these down, it’s best to steam and cook Broccoli with garlic and olive oil.

Dark Chocolate

Dark chocolate has actually been proven to be a healthy treat, as long as you choose correctly. It’s rich in antioxidants known as flavonoids, that have been shown to lower blood pressure, improve blood flow and your heart’s health. Ensure that the chocolate you buy is at least seventy percent cocoa to get the most health benefits, as well as reduce the sugar (therefore caloric) intake you’ll get from ‘indulging’.


Berries are known to be a Super food from the amount of benefits they can provide. They pack a ridiculous amount of nutrition in their small packages, filled with antioxidants like flavonoids which protect the brain’s neurons from inflammation and oxidation, linking the superfood to the preservation of memory function. Their characteristic blue colour is actually a by product of this antioxidant. Blueberries are also low in calories while high in water and fiber to keep you full in a healthy manner that helps you lose weight.


Image courtesy of ablueberryinn.com

As the saying goes, “Prevention is the best medicine”.

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