Diet for your child

Growing children need balanced diet to get better health. Nowadays, many of children eat the meal from fast food restaurant. Most of those meals from the fast food restaurant not offer minerals, vitamins and nutrients that need for their bodies. Their growing bodies will suffer if don’t get enough nutrition.


The inadequate nutrition and diet will make the children malnutrition. It will effect on their growing. This are some problem in malnutrition children :-

1.  Most of malnutrition children will have problem in their weight gain. Parents must take some these actions.
2.  Dry scaly skin is always happens to malnutrition kids.
3.  Slowing linear growth.
4.  Malnutrition kids will have problems with organ function. There are many illness that occur because of malnutrition such as osteoporosis, bloated stomach, heart problem, etc.
5.  The problem in malnutrition will effect on behavioral changes. It will cause stress and mental problem. Parent must take attention when it happens and give support to their children.
What parent must do?


1.  Children need vitamins to the children body. It help digestion, immunity, cell division and growth. Buy some vitamin recommend by a doctor or nutritionist. Get it from certified pharmacy.

2.  Don’t serve food that hard or crunchy because it will cause problem with chewing/ swallowing.Teach your children how to swallowing, regurgitating the re-swallowing food.

3.  Serve them with low-calorie liquids or fruit juices. It will prevent your child from eating food that contains more calories.

4.  Serve meal with balance diet. Vegetable, wheat, fruit is a must for your children meal.

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5.  Keep a record of your child meal. It is better if you give the record for your doctor or nutritionist. They will advice about the nutrition that your children needed.

It is important for children to have proper nutrition. Most of children with proper diet will become more confidence, have more energy and their alert is high. From a research, there are over 150 million children are malnourished, so keep on giving balanced diet for your children.

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