Taking care of your ageing parents at home

Parent Care Health

Having elderly parents doesn’t mean you have to approach the probate lawyers. As parents approach their sunset years, Attorney Kristin Magiros states that they start to experience a myriad of challenges, ranging from poor physical health to emotional frailties, which make it impossible for them to live by themselves. This is especially common when they are by themselves or have some physical challenges. Some people may opt to take them to aged homes but there are those who decide to move them into their homes and become informal caregivers. If caution is not taken this noble idea may turn out to be a disaster. According to Karen Ann Ulmer, P.C., if you are one of those who have decided to live with their elderly parents, the following tips will make your life easier:

Parent Care Health

Examine the financial implications

Before deciding to bring you parent to live with you, understand the financial implications. Some parents may have their own sources of income so you may just be supplementing. However, more often you will probably end up footing most of the bills. Some of the things that will drain you financially include:

  • Renovating your home to accommodate the physical condition of your parent. If they are physically challenged you will have to cater for the mobility of the wheelchair and their general movement around the home.
  • Health-wise the elderly tend to suffer complications relating to their age. These are costly since they require constant medical attention.
  • Special dietary expenses due to their conditions.
  • Part-time assistants and equipment costs.

Ensure you have a plan on how you will cater for all their expenses. If possible ask for assistance from your siblings.

Prepare psychologically

The agony of seeing a once healthy and active person being reduced to a helpless person may sometimes be too much to bear. Therefore, you need to adequately prepare yourself emotionally to deal with this. Moreover, as soon as they enter your home, your life changes and you are faced with increased responsibilities which will affect your day-to-day life. You will also need to learn to compromise a lot since they come with their own demands. Remember to also prepare your family to accept your parents to avoid any resentments and conflicts.

Make them feel wanted and not a burden

Many elderly people prefer to stay in their homes where they are comfortable. When you decide to move them out of their home make sure you make them feel as comfortable as possible. Moreover, the transition from being independent to being a dependent is not the easiest thing for them. They still crave their independence so you should allow them to be as independent as possible. The easiest way to make them feel part of your family is by allowing them to perform non-strenuous tasks like simple gardening, keeping pets among others.

Take proper care of them

The elderly are more susceptible to illnesses due to the weaknesses of their immune system therefore you need to ensure that they are free from sources of these illnesses. Ensure that they eat proper diet and the home is free from any safety hazard. Hygiene is another sensitive issue with the elderly, while you may not force them to take a shower for instance; you need to encourage them to maintain proper hygiene. In addition, they may require urgent medical attention from time to time so you need to keep a close contact with medical providers.

Treat them with love and respect

Occasionally, seek advice from them and also teach your children to respect them. While at some point some of them may start losing their memory or be emotionally and cognitively detached, you still need to be patient with them. Be sensitive to their needs too and don’t just bulldoze them around. At times they may also seem ungrateful and unrealistic but you should not lose your temper; rather exercise patience with them.

Share responsibilities

Don’t take the burden of taking care of your elderly parent alone, involve your family and share responsibilities with your siblings, spouse and children. Occasionally take time out to recharge and take care of your personal life. Additionally, look for support groups or people who are caring for the aged themselves and exchange ideas. There are also volunteers caregivers who look after the elderly for charity. There are also some homecare equipment that can help and lighten your responsibilities.

In conclusion, you cannot run away from the burden of caring for your parents in their old age. They did their part when you were young so it is up to you to return the favor. However, this does not need to be a jail sentence; rather it should be another opportunity to share valuable time with them when they are still alive.

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