6 Weekend Health Mistake

Happy holiday. I think most of us love this day. No stress, no work but if we spend the holiday in bad habit it could affect your sleep patterns, weight loss efforts and stress level.
Read this 6 weekend mistakes that we need to avoid.

1.  Sleeping In Too Late
– Many people have their weekend schedules that can effect to our sleep pattern. Staying until late at night and then sleeping in the next day morning could make it harder to get back onto a normal sleep schedule. The phonenomenon has been name as ‘social jet lag’. The progessor from University of Munich’s Insitute of Medical Psychology describes the phenomenon as ‘the discrepancy between body clock and our social clock’. Try to organize your schedule so that you can go to sleep and wake up within an hour of the time you would during the week.

2.  Overeating
– The weekend is not just time for relax but also you have more opportunities time for eating, enjoying a few drinks. The journal ‘Obesity’ that published in 2008 found that dieters who maintained a strict routine of restricting calories and exercising during the week tended to ear more on the weekends and it is not good if you try to loss weight.

3.  Staying Plugged In
– Using digital device can have negative health impacts from decreased focus and productivity to trouble sleeping and higher stress levels. Try going tech-free for one day while enjoying an outdoor activity.

4 .  Catching Up On Work
Laura Vanderkam, author of  ‘What the Most Successful People Do on the Weekend’ told that high performance also involves managing downtime properly so that you’re able to recharge as much as possible. Try to avoid thinking about job in the holiday. Job can’t finished even you retire.

5. Running Errands & Doing Chores
– Spending your working errands and doing housework. It could free up your weekend for more enjoyable, calming activities.

6. Stressing on Sunday
– Avoid the Sunday anticipating the stresses of the coming week eventhough you know there’s many problem in next week. According to a UK Mental Health Report, more than a quarter of employees feel dread and anxiety the day before returning to work after a day off.

Source :- Huffingtonpost

Okay, have a great holiday and avoid this 6 mistake.

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