7 Reasons to be an organ donor

Do you ever heard about organ donor? Maybe some of you have heard through newspaper that a person donate their organ after they die.

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1. The need is big. The population is increasing and the need for organ donor is still much greater. There’s many people die waiting for an organ transplant everyday.
2. It cost nothing. Donate your organ will not cost you or family a cent. They won’t billed for any expense related to the donation. Living donor need to consult with their doctor about the possible health risks before make an organ donation.
3. You’ll save more than a life. As a registered organ donor, you have potential to save more than one life. Tissue and eye donors can save up to 50 people.
4. Everyone is eligible. Any age can become an organ donor. Even though you have health issues you still eligible to donate a healthy organ. Doctor will check the suitable organ for donor at the time of death of a registered donor.
5. You can help minorities which need organ transplants.
6. Most religions officially support organ donation as seen as a virtuous and charitable act.
7. Easy to registed. Nowadays, there’s many hospital you can registered. You also can registerd via internet for some countries.

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I dunno if this organ donor really can for some religious. Ask expert before try it but it is great way to help others.

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