Become Healthy or Not?

Healthy physical and mind can give more benefits to all people around the world. It depends on how they do and what they want to achieve. Here are few informations on how to gain healthy body.

Watch adaptation movies


Are you obesity? Or do you have any disease, could be cure or couldn’t? You must feel terrible, or somehow feel stress, anxiety, give up or upset. Then, you should watch movie of someone who are successful in their life. Studies showed that by watching documentary about people who suffered the same disease had a glorious life can lowered the patients with high blood pressure. This  is a spirit therapy method which boost the energy for them to perform their life better.


Garlic and stomach

Garlic can stimulate good bacteria production in gut and give benefits to body immune system other than act as a probiotic. Allicin in garlic is an anti-bacteria which good in fighting diseases and reduce fever risks if eaten everyday.



Coffee can activate sperms

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We know that caffein usually avoid us to feel sleepy, and you should know the other benefits of it is caffein can speed the activation of sperms. Studies explained that when 6 millimolar of caffein dropped to sperms via in vitro process which means outer body, it showed the increased of sperms activation rate from 45.5% to 59.5%. The sperm acceleration rate also increased from 41.2 to 43.3 micrometer per second as the sperm penetration rate liven up to 55.9%. 50% of infertility men usually “sleep”, become lazy, or unable to reach their target (egg). These weak sperms should be awakened through healthy diet to be active and function well.

Do you get smarter as your age?

Healthy Day News reported that researchers from Britain found that middle-age people who had sleep less than 6 hours or more than 8 hours may reduce the brain function. Means that, the brain will become older between 4 to 6 years earlier from the actual age! People who loves to sleep or lack of it in a prolonged time will causes our body to produce hormones and chemical substance which rises the risk of heart disease, stroke, high blood pressure, diabetes and obesity.

Belt prejudice in healthcare

The fact is, tight seat belt can interfere the urinary system. Professor Russel from Gastrointestinal and Liver Disease Department at Keck School of Medicine, University Southern California (USC) explained that tight seat belt can increase pressure of entire abdomen until the gases and foods difficult to move down. These condition will make you feel pain or heartburn and acid reflux and induce to feel uncomfortable. There’s a theory tell that tight seat belt also can develop esophageous cancer. So you are recommended to loose the seat belt about two fingers from stomach.

After all, sometimes we didn’t realize our environment keep you healthy or reversed. So, stay conscious and alert about it and upgrade your health.

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