Acne Home Remedies Cures That Actually Work

I know you’ve been told all kinds of acne home remedies and cures for all different kinds of problems over the years but here are 10 remedies that are tested and proven effective for acne suffers. Don’t pay the high cost for the myriad of acne product out on the market today. Save your money and give these acne remedies a try.
1.  To stop acne growth try not drinking milk and stop eating sugar. Eating products with a high amount of sugar can causes you to break out with acne also pasteurized milk can do the same think.

2.  Cucumber juice can be a wonderful Home remedy. First make some juice from cucumber and try applying it directly to your face and it can be taken as a drink.

3.  Overproduction of sebum is a major cause of acne and Papaya fruit can we used as a facial mask to help reduce the buildup of sebum. Take the pulp of the Papaya and place it as if facial mask. Papaya is a good source for Vitamin A.

4. Potato!!! Yep a good old Potato is a wonderful acne remedies. Grate it up in a bowl and place it on your face for 30 minutes and you will see a difference in the swelling of the acne.

5.  I’ve heard some people make bad joke about how garlic can help with acne. Well the real truth is it can! Grind up some garlic and lightly apply it to your acne. I think you will find garlic to be one of the most helpful remedies for acne you will.

6.  Ice has been used for year so bring down all kinds of swelling well it no different with acne. Ice will reduce inflammation and you will feel much better. Apply ice whenever your acne gets swollen.

7.  One of the better ways to prevent acne is to eat fruits and vegetables. The acid in them are wonderful for treating acne problems. Cut back on sugar and eat more fruits and vegetables.

8.   Anything you can do to boost your immune system will help you to fight your acne or any kind of infection for that matter. Try eating oranges to help raise your immune system.

9.   Before going to bed try applying a bit of fresh lemon juice to the affected area and let it stay overnight. Then the next morning wash it off with warm water.

10.  To help seep up acne lesions try using Aloe Vera juice twice a day.


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