Drive? Is Low Libido Really The Problem?

By John Smith

 I’ve been coming across a lot of articles lately that all talk about the huge need of Viagra for men. You see, the world and even the internet is stocked full with what is mostly just really good ad campaigns. Don’t get me wrong. As a guy, I think the idea of Viagra 500mg pills is great, but is it really necessary? Advertising isn’t just on the TV any more. It’s all over the place, in your morning coffee, in your breakfast cereal, in your house cleaning items, on your facebook, on your phone calls—basically it’s everywhere. When you are making a decision on what is good for your body and what is not, don’t always go by what you read. Make a careful decision and council with the right people. I have the hardest time researching health issues on the internet because I know that most the time what folks have to say is basically just promoting a product and a lot of fluff to go with it.

 Take the subject of Viagra for men, for example. Yes, there are times and situations when it’s required, and under these circumstances it is no joke, but most the time you will hear people talking about Viagra so casually, that I think we miss the purpose behind it all together. What started out as a pill to help those with ED, has now become crass joke or a quick-pop-solution for a date gone bad. You just can’t expect to base your entire life on what you read because most of the information that we have has been pumped up to not only make you want to buy the product but to make a lifestyle out of it.

After some of the stuff that I read about Viagra 500mg pills, I decided to research the matter a bit. Some articles say that the pill should be used for men who have a low libido, and others say that it is only for ED. On the subject of low libido, some health experts write that 1 out of 4 men have it, other say that 1 out of 5 have it, and yet others say that 1 out of 7 have it. Who is right? We really can’t say. What I would say, however, is be careful before you buy. Viagra should not be used as the pass time pill for a quick recreation that most people and internet articles put it out to be.

 This is a pill popping world and we have a prescribed pill for just about every problem. Whether it’s a common cold, a mild headache, and slight or severe depression everything comes with a prescription and is followed by a pill—sex is now in the same boat. There’s a large number of young men who use Viagra more times than those over 40, just because they’ve heard it’s a great rush. But they don’t realise that there are adverse repercussions to such self-medication. What happened to the days of us working through our problems instead of looking for pills to do the work for us? A momentary infilling of Viagra might boost sexual performance for a hour or so, but is it really benefiting the body in the long run?

The use of Viagra for young men is not advised, because, let’s face it—it’s just not made for that. It’s rare that young men have problems with genuine ED at all. If you have been examined by a doctor and have ED, then by all means, I give you the green on the blue pill. But if you’re just experiencing a low in your sex life and the doc has said that it really has nothing to do with ED, then don’t go rushing for the blue pill. There are other reasons for a lack of sexual drive, and the best part about these other reasons is that you can do something about it. You can feel strong enough to change your life with your own hands instead of relying a pill. Some of these other reasons are:

  • Alcohol, smoking, or drug abuse
  • Guilt of an extramarital relationship or pressure to perform with an extramarital partner
  • Overwork
  • Anxiety and tension
  • Lack of exercise

Problems in your sex life could also be related to the side-effects of an illness or disorder. In these cases, it would definitely be best to not go the way of the crowd and depend on ED drugs, because doing so could make things worse. It’s very common that people who complain of having problems with sex actually have underlying cardiac problems or diabetes. So while I’m not saying to throw Viagra and its kin out the door all together, I will say this—don’t go by everything you read. Play it safe and keep in control of your own life without having to rely on doctors and medications to do it for you.

Author Bio: John Smith is an avid writer and follower of good lifestyle and health habits. He specialises in writing articles on sexual health and some of the ED products like Viagra. He has a deep faith in the potential of natural cures and this is well reflected in her articles.

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