Avoid this common fitness injuries

Eventhough exercise is good for our health but overdo it could lead to injuries. It is not good if you back home but need to go hospital. You must know about the common injuries so you can avoid it before happen. This is the common fitness injuries could occurs :-



1. Sprains and strains in the wrists is common injuries especially fitness such as speed and heavy bag boxing. It could happens because you not wearing proper protective gear or using poor punch technique.
2. Cycling is one of popular fitness. The common injury in this class is knee pain. It could happens because the bike is not setting properly or the technique is not suitable.
3. Weight lifting could make your muscle strain and repetitive stress injuries. This happen because the weight is too much and not making any varying exercises. Avoid doing too many reps because it could make muscle stress.

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4. Stress fractures in the ankle, foot and knee could occur if wearing improper footwear or poor exercise technique. Always bend your knee when land and get a supportive pair of sneakers that could keep your ankles and feet free from injury.
5. Neck discomfort occur because having weak abs and neck flexors. Don’t overdo your exercise and listen to your body.
6. Wrist and lower back pain always happen when exercise performing poses or distributing weight incorrectly. Lengthening the spine up and away from the hips before rounding the back. For yoga exercise, sit on a block or a few blankets to prevent rounding the spine.


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