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Worst Exercises for your joints

Maybe some of us don’t know that some exercise may damage our joint and others. If you have experience suffer from joint pain or injuries there’ exercise that you need to avoid as below :- 1. Stair climbing. In my...

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The Best New Exercise

There’s many exercise need to challenge your body in new ways. This is the list of the best new exercises for every part of a woman’s body adult upload image LOWER BACK McGill Curlup The benefit: This exercise works...

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Exercise at home

Not all of us have budget or time to exercise in gym. But there’s an equipment that can be used at home and work to burn more calories. There are :- 1. Resistance Bands – It is useful for beginner. The resistance...

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Tips for walking 10,000 steps

A walk of 10,000 steps seem like a difficult activity. Actually it is not as difficult as and can help improve your health. Here are tips for a successful run of 10,000 steps: – 1. Make sure you are not rushed arms swing...

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