exercise tips

Avoid this common fitness injuries

Eventhough exercise is good for our health but overdo it could lead to injuries. It is not good if you back home but need to go hospital. You must know about the common injuries so you can avoid it before happen. This is the common fitness injuries could occurs :-     1. Sprains and strains in the wrists is common injuries especially fitness such as speed and heavy bag

Mistake during exercise

Exercise is important activity to keep your health in good condition but it need to do in the right way.Most of us don’t have a knowledge in exercise and just follow. In this entry, I’ll give the mistake always be done during exercise:- Excessive exercise Excessive exercise and continuously exercise every day can lead to injury. Ideally, the interval of one or two days a week so the body can

Good Posture for your back

As age become older your back will have problem. The bone will weak and your back is in pain. There’s a good way to maintain your back health by maintaining good posture. You need to hold body correctly to helps keep the spine in proper alignment.  It will reduce stress on the ligaments that hold your spinal joints together. There’s a guidelines for good posture daily as below :-  

Exercise Control Diabetes

When the body has problem to control blood glucose in a normal condition (3-8 mmol/liter) and delivering it to the rest of the body for energy, it means that the patient is suffering diabetes mellitus. This is because of the lack or inability to use insulin which is required to transport glucose from blood to the body cells. The best way to control diabetes is by the lifestyle changes which

Benefits exercise in morning

Exercise is the best way to lose weigh. Starving, pill or surgery just ends losing muscle mass and metabolism. The best way is to exercise especially in morning. In this entry, I’ll share benefits exercise in morning:- Benefits exercise in morning 1. It gives energy boost and your vigor will be ready effectively. It is different if you exercise in the evening that interferes with our sleep. 2. Starting with

weight Loss through sport

A good weight training regimen hits all the major muscle groups to ensure that you equally develop strength, power and endurance. These elements give your muscles the ability to perform quickly and efficiently, while also preventing the loss of muscle tissue that occurs naturally through aging and disuse. And, for anyone trying to lose weight or maintain weight loss, strength training is indispensable—nothing does a better job of reshaping your