Benefits exercise in morning

Exercise is the best way to lose weigh. Starving, pill or surgery just ends losing muscle mass and metabolism. The best way is to exercise especially in morning. In this entry, I’ll share benefits exercise in morning:-


Benefits exercise in morning

1. It gives energy boost and your vigor will be ready effectively. It is different if you exercise in the evening that interferes with our sleep.
2. Starting with exercise in morning will give you focus in the activity. No stress because you just start a day.
3. Give you good mood to start day. With the fitness activities you will feel good about yourself. It will bring happiness to our life.
4. No big meals in your stomach yet. It means your stomach not fill with big food. The exercise will more effective rather than exercise in evening.

This is steps how to exercise early in morning

1. Get an alarm clock / handphone alaram with an effective alarm sound. Get the effective sound that will waking you up.
2. Setting your workout clothes near your bed. It will help you to remember your workout activity.
3. Schedule your wake up time everyday.
4. Don’t relax. Wake up, prepare and get out to exercise.
5. Don’t take big meal. Just a simple meal such as banana or cereal bar. This food will give enough time to digest in your stomach.
6.  Get a friend or group. Exercise alone will make you boring and can’t do it consistently.
7. Get a different exercise. Schedule your routine. For example, Monday for cycling, Tuesday for jogging, Wednesday for Taichi, Thursday for workout and so on.

The truth is, morning exercise is fun and very good to follow. You will get many benefits exercise in morning it still depends on you. So, never ignore to exercise in morning. It could boost your health in the future.

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