Good Posture for your back

As age become older your back will have problem. The bone will weak and your back is in pain. There’s a good way to maintain your back health by maintaining good posture. You need to hold body correctly to helps keep the spine in proper alignment.  It will reduce stress on the ligaments that hold your spinal joints together. There’s a guidelines for good posture daily as below :-



Put your feet on the ground with ankles in front of your knees. Use a footrest if your legs can’t put on the ground. Make sure your body weight evenly on both hips.


You also need to relax and straight while sit. Don’t slumped forward because you will feel stress on the body.

Your middle and low back should be supported by the chair. Use a back support for more comfortable sitting.

Make sure your knees at hip level.


Using a Computer

Adjust the height of your chair while using computer. Make sure the desk is about elbow level and center the keyboard.

While typing, make sure your upper arms should hang relaxed near your body. You need to lower arms and wrists should form a straight line.


Driving a Car

Adjust the seat to make it close to the steering wheel. Make sure you comfortable with the position to drive. You also need to reach the pedals easily with your knees bent.

Image Source :- Abhi Carmaniac

Make sure your hands hold the steering wheel at the 3 and 7 o’clock position. Switch to 5 and 10 o’clock position to reduce hand strain.

Support your low and middle back by the seat. You can also add a back support to make your back comfortable.

Make sure your knees higher than your hips.


Standing Tall

Place your feet about shoulder width apart. Make sure your body weigh on the balls of your feet.

Make sure your shoulders should be relaxed and slightly back and not slumped forward.

Your tummy should be pulled in.

Your arms should hang relaxed at your side

Your knees should be slightly bent.


Lying in Bed

Choose a comfortable mattress, bed. Don’t sleep at thick pillows because it will force your nexk forward. Use a thin pillow or folded towel that fits into the small distance between your neck and the bed when you’re lying on your back.

Put a pillow under your knees. It could help with back pain.

Turn your head to one side and bend your arm and leg on that side until you get comfortable.

Source :- Health Yahoo

That’s some good postures that help you to make better for your back. Always ask the expertise if you feel pain in your back.



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