Benefits of Calcium for keeping your Colon Healthy


Calcium is a highly beneficial and significant mineral required by your body, especially in terms of keeping your bone healthy throughout life. However, in accordance of few researches calcium mineral has also proven as an effective element for maintaining the healthiness of other important organs in the body. The recent research has declared that calcium is extremely beneficial in terms of reducing the risks for developing colon polyps or say chances of colon cancer for the individual. Although colon polyps are non-cancerous cells but it can be proven dangerous by increasing the risks for developing tumors in later stage of life. Therefore, it is highly important to introduce calcium in your day to day life which can actually provide an excellent level of protection to your colon.

How does calcium act to reduce the risks for colon cancer development?

As per the researchers, calcium plays a highly significant role in terms of making a shield against all cancerous cells which ultimately does not allow them to grow. Basically, calcium forms a kind of thin inner lining of colon after combining with bile acid that is already present in the body. This lining further blocks the entrance of cancer causing agents inside the body.

People who are diagnosed with the presence of some colon polyps into their intestine are also found to be greatly benefited in terms of controlling the severity of those polyps. It could only be possible with the increased intake of calcium through their daily diet. There are several good sources of calcium such as, almonds, green leafy vegetables especially broccoli, yogurt, skim or say low fat milk, salmon and many more. All these food items can greatly help in fulfilling the enough requirement of calcium in your body. However, you must try to combine the intake of vitamin D with your calcium consumption as Vitamin greatly supports the rapid absorption of calcium in the body cells.

Apart from being totally dependent upon medication or increasing the intake of calcium, you should also take some preventive measures such as, controlling the intake of alcohol; remain physically active, cutting down the intake of red meat etc, to prevent yourself from serious health complications like colon cancer. Similarly, each man and woman who is at the age of 50 or above must get themselves checked regarding the signs or symptoms of colon cancer with the help of specific tests like colonoscopy.

As a whole, all you need is to have regular checking of your body and bringing some significant changes in your lifestyle, like intake of calcium in a sufficient amount can greatly contribute in preventing you from the risk of colon polyps or say colon cancer apart from simply maintaining your bone health.


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