Biotechnology in your health


Do you know about biotechnology ?In this article, I’ll share some basic about biotechnology especially that related to our health.


What is Biotechnology

Biotechnolgy is technology based on biology – biotechnology harnesses cellular and bimolecular processes to develop technologies and products that help improve our lives and the health of our planet. It  is the technology that relates to the engineering through genetics of cells and tissues. This technology has roots in medicine and agriculture.

Biotechnology for Beginners

Modern biotechnology provides breakthrough products and technologies to combat debilitating and rare disease, feed the hungry, reduce our environmental footprind and safer for our health.

Benefits of Biotechnology

  1. Using biotech can help producing antibiotics. It will help our immune system against disease.
  2. The biotech can detect and treat genetic diseases and disorders.
  3. Make blood test simpler. It is also help to measure the amount of cholesterol in the blood.
  4. Biotech can offer patients more and better healthcare choices. Future innovations in biotechnology research will bring more protection to patients.
  5. Combating serious illnesses.

Using biotechnology, it will help world by :

  1. Streamlining the steps in chemical manufacturing processes by 80% or more;
  2. Lowering the temperature for cleaning clothes and potentially saving $4.1 billion annually;
  3. Improving manufacturing process efficiency to save 50% or more on operating costs;
  4. Reducing use of and reliance on petrochemicals;
  5. Using biofuels to cut greenhouse gas emissions by 52% or more;
  6. Decreasing water usage and waste generation; and
  7. Tapping into the full potential of traditional biomass waste products.


What is healthcare biotechnology

Healthcare biotechnology refers to a medicinal or diagnostic product or a vaccine that consists of or has been produced in, living organisms and may be manufactured via recombinant technology form of DNA that does not exist naturally. It is created by combining DNA sequences that would not normally occur together.
Today, majory of innovative medicine using biotechnolgy as well as many diagnostic product by appling modern biotechnologyin their development and/or manufacturing processes.
It is important for country to develop for biotech because it will help people health. More research must be conduct to ensure it will success.


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