Tips for eating at fast food

We always been told that eat a fast food is not good for your health. Make a healthy meals at fast food restaurant is easy if you prepare first. You can use these tips if you must eat at the fast food restaurant.

eating at fast food

Tips for eating at fast food

1. Pay attention to the menu selection. Avoid dishes that fried, creamy, crispy, unhealthy fats or sodium. Get the foods that contain more vegetable and leaner meats.
2. Avoid soda or carbonate drink. Try lemon tea or less sugar tea.
3. Control the ketchup or mustard. Add it by yourself and put a little on your meals.
4. Most fast food meal has high calories. Avoid order for supersize burger.
5. Never add more salt. The meals always very high in sodium and it are contribute to high blood pressure.
6. Buffet is good because you can eat more so avoid it. If you can’t then wait at least 20 minutes before continue eating or take in small portion.

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7. Beware of topping burgers with cheese, special (mayonnaise-based) sauce and bacon — they add saturated fat and calories.
8. Pickles, onions, lettuce, tomato, mustard and catsup add flavor without the fat. Steer clear of fried fish sandwiches.
9. A baked potato can be a healthy option, but have it with low-fat sour cream instead of butter, full-fat sour cream or cheese.
10. Knowing what you’re eating. It is important as not all fast food restaurants include nutrition information.
11. Many fast-food chains now offer healthy sides in place of the ubiquitous French fries. Take the healthy option.

That’s some tips that can be guidelines when you eating at fast food restaurant. Make a good menu choices for your health. The better is avoid fast food if you can and cooking by yourself. You will know what you trully eating rather than depend on unknown cookers.

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