Glucose in the blood

How many times you check your glucose (sugar) in the blood? It is very important to know your glucose level because it can help you to control of diabetes. The normal glucose level is from 4 to 8 mmol/l. The level will show higher after meals. Blood sugar levels must be control because the higher level means more risk to get diabetes complications such as eye, nerve, kidney and cardiovascular

Sitting can increase Type 2 diabetes risk

It is a bad news for those who work/sit for long period. The study from Diabetologia, show that the people sit for long period may face a higher risk of Type 2 diabetes. The studies lead by Dr Emma Wilmot show that the average adult spend 50-70 % sit may increase risk of diabetes and heart disease. Uploaded with ImageShack.us

Graphical look at U.S Obesity

Obesity: A Big Fat Problem For America’s Future. This is graphical look at U.S obesity. Image Hosting I think it is not big different from my country.. The obesity is still a big problem.

American Diabetes Association and European Association for the Study of Diabetes Issue Joint Position Statement on Hyperglycemia Treatment

American Diabetes Association is known for their concern about diabetes. They do many research to help and prevent diabetes. This article are from the association about the study of diabetes issues. Just read. jpg upload After several years of planning, discussion and review, new guidelines for managing elevated blood glucose levels in people with type 2 diabetes, developed jointly by the American Diabetes Association and the European Association for the

Victoza treat diabetes

Statistics from the International Diabetic Federation show in 2010 a total of 285 million people worldwide have diabetes and it is expected to increase to 438 million by 2030.Diabetes is divided into two types 1 and 2. Most patients in this country suffer from type 2 diabetes where the pancreas does not produce sufficient quantities of insulin and indirectly it will have less impact on muscle and liver cells.Patients often