Phsycology : Causes of Obesity

The main reason of obesity is the pleasure of living and a healthy lifestyle. Among them have problem eat too much, especially fast food and carbonated drinks; like to ride elevators (although one floor), and no or too little exercise.

We all know that overeating, unhealthy lifestyle and lack of exercise can cause obesity. The question is why we let it happen? Are we happy with this situation. Of course not, we like the slim body.
A man/woman become fat because he did not promise to himself. He/she has promised to himself to practice a healthy lifestyle but never follow it.


It is human nature to break their promise. Most of them not try and despair in all matters relating to the promise. Then he/she murmured, and find excuses to justify the action taken. When there is a good reason, he will be comfortable in the situation. For example, my mother always like cooked . What could I do. If I do not eat it, it’ll hurt him. At first it may just jokes, but eventually it became the excuse for him to eat a lot, not at home or outside.

What to do?

First – admit that you promise yourself. But do not blame yourself. It’s not about morality, only it does not become if you do not identify or find the promise breached and admit it.

Second – Identify the impact of default on your life and take responsibility for it (not blaming mothers cooking).

Third – Renew the promise and are committed to mengotakannya.

Fourth – Run. Just Do It (like Nike says)

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