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One Lap is Better Than None: Be Healthy, Your Way

With over 25 million Americans suffering from type II diabetes and a 35.9 percent obesity rate in adults tipping the scale in the obese range, what’s it going to take for us to get on board with a healthier lifestyle? Sure, we are bombarded with advertisements for junk food, live in cubicles, and have an increasingly available slew of products and services that don’t require us to leave a computer

Health benefits of walking Bare feet outside

Have you see the people walking without shoe or slippers outside? Do you have in the minds that he/she is crazy? Walking without protection and you think it is bad for foot health. The bare feet could give benefit to our health. Do you want to know what benefits of walking bare feet outside? Read this tips :

Reflexology Chart

Okay, Have you experience reflexology treatment? Maybe some of you have been doing the reflexology massage. Do you know why they massage feet? Look at the reflexoly chart and try it yourself Source :- Facebook Health Academy Australia How’s about that? Did the information about reflexology help you? If not, read other tips on reflexology at this url 5 DIY Reflexology Tips – MindBodyGreen How to Lose Weight With Reflexology

Breast Cancer Awareness Month

Many woman don’t pay attention with breast self exam. Do you know that breast self exam (BSE) must perform at least once per month. The breast physical exam be done because breasts can be more swollen, swollen, and lumpy. Some of women feel embarrassed to perform the exam. Don’t think that way because it involved your health and maybe can protect from breast cancer. Using the exam, you can find

5 Nutrition Myths You Have to Know

“Myth and misinformation are much more seductive than truth.” says Keith-Thomas Ayoob, Ed.D., R.D., professor of pediatrics at Albert Einstein College of Medicine in New York. People only believe what they heard and see. However, people nowadays are extremely exposed to global information through numbers of medium. Now, it depends on how we collect the information and interpret them. Here’s are science-based look at certain myths and the truth behind

10 Things about HIV/AIDS

On 1st December, we celebrate the World AIDS Day. There’s new finding on HIV/AIDS that can we learn such as :- 1. Most Don’t Have Their Infection Under Control – Only 1.1 million people with HIV have their condition under control, where under control means the virus has been suppressed. The report from Centers for Disease Control and Prevention show that most of HIV/AIDS don’t get proper treatment.