Flesh Eating Drug

Introduction Opiates or narcotics are effective painkillers. It is similar to the effects of endorphins, a natural chemical in the brain that affect the ‘feel comfortable / happy’. These drugs stimulate the emotions and create a comfortable and quiet conditions. Dependence and addiction happens if it is frequently used. If this drug can not be obtained, the person will begin to show signs of withdrawal.

Weight loss pills are not the solution

Image Hosting Weight problems are major issues in women regardless of age, race and culture. It always haunt the mind. Sometimes we women who have this problem called ‘3 G ‘- fluffy, chubby and plump. Some are worried husband looked at other women more beautiful beautiful. The wife would do anything to draw attention to their husbands. Some people spend thousands of dollars for beauty treatment and slimming the body.

Allergies to medicine

Allergic reactions are side effects of unwanted medicines and rare. Various types of allergic reactions can occur. This reaction can occur in various types of mild rashes to severe effects on the major systems of the body. The response of the body can affect many organ systems, but often the skin is an organ that always has allergies. Identify signs and symptoms of drug allergy is an important matter because

Benefits of Isotonic Drinks

We always heard about isotonic drink but do we really know about it? Isotonic drink is one category of sport drink. It have an osmolality of 280 to 330 mOsm/kg (measure to particle carbohydrat, sweeteners, electolytes and preservatives in a fluid). The drink popular among athletes because it can approximates body’s natural fluid balances. Isotonic drinks don’t contain caffein and prevent dehydration. Image Hosting Is it worth to drinking isotonic

Why need supplement Digestive Enzymes

In my previous entry I have wrote about the need to enzyme supplement. In this entry, I’ll focus on supplement digestive enzymes. Do you know about digestive enzymes ? It is the enzymes that maintenance our pH in the gastrointestinal tract, help facilitate digestion, act as barrier against bacteria and viruses and help facilitate digestion. Basic enzymes is cellulase digests fibers, lipases digest fats, sucrase digests sugars, amylase digest starches,

Lychee Fruit

When talking about healthy eating, do not forget to include fruits and vegetables in your diet purple. The reason fruits and vegetables contain anthocyanins, natural pigments that he-red, blue and purple. According to J. Scott Smith, professor of food chemistry from Kansas State University, anthocyanins are good for health because it is a strong antioxidant and can improve immune system function, maintain health and prevent disease. “Now the antioxidant into