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7 Weight Loss Mistakes

Do you trying to lose weight but still failed? Or do you lose weight but still not healthy? There’s a 7 common mistakes people make when trying to lose fat :- image host They do not pay attention the consequences of their actions. You need to consider the consequences of your action whether diet or exercise. Make sure you really can do it and there’s no side effect to your

How to lose extra inches and keep them off

How to lose extra inches and keep them off Image Hosting Loose inches in our body are a dream of many people.   Good diet is the best way to loose inches.  It is linked to good health. Maintaining a healthy lifestyle by keeping fit will boost your energy levels and metabolism. You need to boost your daily activities as part of your routine to get the rewards. Healthy diet Healthy

Best Foods to Buy Oganic

We always being advice to buy organic food but not all us really know what food to buy organic. We are confuse which food buy organic and which not. In this entry I’ll write some best food to buy organic from yahoo video. Image Hosting 1. Apple 2. Berries 3. Leafy Greens 4. Celery 5. Peaches Food that no need to buy organic 1. Onions 2. Pinepapple 3. Avocado 3.

The Nose Tube Diet

Do you want to look slim on your wedding? I think most of bride want to look slim on her wedding. There’s a radical weight loss plans called K-E Diet that involves being administered a mere 800 calories a day through a tube that runs from the nose through the esophagus and into the stomach. It is very expensive and risk but many people using this method to look beautiful.

Dara Lyn Weis write article to fight her daughter obesity

upload images Dara Lyn Weiss has published the article about her 7 year old daughter in Vogue April issue and get many response among readers of the magazine. She wrote about her response to a pediatrician that suggest her daughter is risk for obese and other disease. The daughter has being put on the diet. It work and her daughter Bea lost 16 pounds. There’s many negative response from writer

Tip to slim naturally

There are thousand rules or practices to reduce weight. However, this is the way that does not require large expenditures and proved to be effective after a number of Asian ancestors practiced:- 1. Avoid coconut milk foods. 2. Bake until soft lime and water with lime milk. Sweep the stomach before bed and stole the following day. 3. Roasted ginger and turmeric, then soak in warm water. Drink before bed.