Causes of Body Odor

Smelling because your body is one of big problem. It could effect your confidence and make people run from you. Let’s read some surprising facts about cause of body odor
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1. Do you clean your body with towell after showering? Maybe some of you just put towel to cover your private part and not cleaning your body. It could cause odor problem because moisture can get trapped between folds of skin at your body part such as below your breasts, between your toes and under your love handles. That place don’t get enough air and it’s easier for bacteria and fungal to mix with sweat and cause odor.
The best way is always dry off and set a blow dryer to cool and wave it over your groin, belly.
2. Eating spicy foods. The pungent ingredient such as garlic, curry and other spices can also cause a body odor. These foods produce several stinky sulfur containing gases.
3. You only brush your teeth and not your tongue. In the tongue, the bacteria is trapped and could make a bad breath.
4. Too much stress. Sweating will come if your body in the stress conditions. It could release some stinky gas.
5. Too much fiber food. As we know food with fiber is good for health but there a little gassy.
6. Snoring also could cause bad mouth. When you snore, the mouth is open and dries out your oral cavity and enabling dead cells to accumulate and decompose on your gums, cheeks and tongue.

7. You eat too fast. Not properly chewing and drinking through straw can cause you to swallow too much air. The air contains nitrogen, carbon dioxide and oxygen and left the gas.
8. Only use deodorants. Yeah, deodorants can prevent stink but it is for temporary. The best way is take a shower everyday before going out.
9. Hiatus from hair washing also can make your hair smelly. Irritated scalp may be more of a bacteria breeding ground and make your hair smelly.
10. Drug also can effect your breath. There’s many medicine could cause dry mouth that could triggers of bad breath.
11. Period. It is a common problem for women. The monthly cycle can influence of sweating. The body temperature rises half a degree midcycle and effect body odor.
12. Wear spandex while work out. Tight, synthetic fabrics like spandex can trap sweat and cause extra odor. It also make skin irritation like folliculitis and acnelike eruptions.
13. Eating too much gum also can cause gas. It is because bacteria in the large intestine break them down.
14. Allergies also can make your breath smell sour. You will get a dry mouth that prevents saliva from keeping your mouth moist and clean. It wil produce an odor to your body.
15. Using shoes everyday also can cause problem to your toe. The bacteria will breeding and trap in the toe and cause stinky feet stench.
16. You skip scrub your toe. It may start to stink because many bacteria will come. Treat yourself to a monthly pedicure and it will help to avoid smelly toe.
17. Heartburn also can occur foul breath. It happen because the same stomach acids and bile that back up into the esophagus causing heartburn. It also send a malodor that escapes through the mouth.
18. Not eating yogurt. Yougurt are healthy bacteria that help break down undigested carbohydrates in the gut before they cause gas. Try to eat yogurt at least a day and it will decrease the gas.
19. Wear same underwear everyday. It is a must to change underwear everyday and washed it. Many people get smelly because used the same underwear and clothes everyday.

Source :- Health Yahoo

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