Chicken Pox Parties is not safe

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Have you heard about a Facebook group called ‘ Find a Pox Party in Your Area‘ ? This group is absolutely crazy because they asked parent to send infected lollipop through the mail. It is really weird that there still a people that think the lollipop will protect their kids from chicken pox. It is illegal and dangerous because it will expose to others serious infections such as hepatitis.
Not just illegal, there’s a people using it to cheat other’s parent. They send lollipop but need to buy it.
Source News :- Babycenter
I don’t know why it happen in this modern era. Why don’t they choose doctor or expert instead of from unknown source. Like my blog, eventhough there’s many information about health but you still need to refer from expertise. Use a vaccine that really reliable than use any advice from other’s people..

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