Guidelines to avoid back pain

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Sometimes we often experience back pain. Here is a guide for avoiding back pain.
1. Bend your legs, not your spine. Carry the load close to the body. Harden your abdominal muscles when lifting.
2. Get help from others if you are difficult to lift by yourself.

1. Remove the bottom and back of the seat back up, fully seat to reduce pressure on spinal discs.
2. Ensure that the appropriate seat height and position of the thighs parallel to the floor.
3. Combine activities with exercise / stretching / walking.

1. Sit up and move the seat forward so the knee in line with the hips.
2. Support lower back with a rolled-up towel or supporters if necessary.

1. Sleeping in the bed that not too soft and not too hard.

Standing and Walking
1. Standing still, switch to a long standing often if necessary.
2. Standing up straight with his head straight looking forward da back.
3. Walking the right way, the chin into the. The head looks straight forward and your toes point forward. Wear shoes with low heels and comfortable.

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