What is Constipation


Constipation toxins and Lifestyle Practices Collection of Modern and Toxins.
How modern life is the result of unhealthy air pollution, water and food filled with toxins. Diet taken by us in modern times contain animal protein and high fat. Coupled with a lack of exercise lifestyle has resulted in toxic waste accumulated in the intestine and the occurrence of constipation and faecal deposited. Deposited faeces is a toxin that can affect health. It is very difficult to be eliminated. If you have a weight problem, then one of the main reasons is that there are a lot of droppings deposited.

What is constipation?

According to research done by experts intestine, although we normally have a bowel movement every day, but there are 6-10 pounds of droppings deposited in our intestines. Have you said ~ I’m not constipated, my bowel movement every day and not have to clean the intestines! Actually you’re wrong. Although we have a bowel movement every day, many do not realize that they may have bowel problems. Often the entire large intestine is deposited with the old stools and waste material which hardens. It only allows the stool soft and small intestine to pass through a narrow channel. As a result, most of us have constipation and stool is deposited.
Constipation is a problem that caused difficulty defecating and unclean terlonggok are bonded material in the intestines of toxins that result than the slums that are not advisory. Materials of this toxin will be absorbed by the intestinal mucus and may lead to various problems such as kanser kesihatan colon, high blood pressure, problems kesihatan heart, liver, kidneys, diabetes and so on. It’s not that simple, it can also bring problems such as skin twitching, acne and menstrual pain when dating. Indeed, the most memorable ways to solve the above problem is to eliminate the problem of constipation and unclean a mass in the intestine.

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