Cycling activities for a healthy society

One of the easiest ways to deal with health issues is to cultivate the habit of cycling among the people. In addition to strengthen muscles and burn calories, cycling activities also contribute to the health of the population effectively and collectively.Exercise bike is lighter and not so much pressure on the joints than walking, running or doing aerobics.

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For most people regardless of age, exercise bike can be fun, while helping to strengthen the joints without realizing it.

In fact, it is the best exercise for those suffering from joint pain and bone to be able to avoid the problem of pain each time step.

The use of bicycles can be practiced in various ways, for example;

Students who live in the hostel where they can study a bicycle to travel to campus
Bicycles can be used to go to market / shops
Cycling to work, if the gap has narrowed somewhat.
Cycling to work
Cycling for recreation / cool down
Bicycles can be used for patrol operations Neighbourhood
Cycling competition can be introduced as an event in school sports.

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