Effective Ways to Help a Loved One Who’s Struggling with Addiction

At this point, your best friend’s dependence on alcohol has become impossible to ignore. What began as a glass of wine after workhas gradually turned into two or three bottles a night.For months, you told yourself that it wasn’t your place to comment on her drinking. After all, if people who are even closer to her haven’t spoken up, what business do you have calling attention to it? Furthermore, trying to confront her about her addiction may mean the end of your relationship. However, after a period of soul-searching, you’ve decided that you’d rather have your friend angry with you than dead. Having found the courage to address the problem, you’re determined to help your friend overcome her addiction. As you’ll find, there are many different paths your friend can take down the road to recovery.

Drug Treatment
Book Her a Stay at a Renowned Treatment Center

If your friend’s addiction has reached a fever pitch, don’t hesitate to book her a stay at an addiction recovery center. These facilities are staffed by trained counselors, nurses and physicians who specialize in helping people overcome a seemingly endless list of addictions. While there, your friend will have access to around-the-clock medical care and take part in daily counseling sessions and invigorating group activities. The length of her stay will be determined by the severity of her addiction, and can last anywhere from several weeks to several months.

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Attend Recovery Meetings with Her

If money’s a little tight for a stay at treatment center, have your friend attend daily AA meetings. These meetings can be found in any community and are held at a variety of public locales, including churches, recreation centers and parks. Since she’s bound to apprehensive about going to these meetings, make a point of accompanying her whenever possible. Over time, she’ll be able to attend meetings and share her experience with ease.
Be Her Sponsor

Overcoming an addiction is often a road fraught with peril, and the temptation to dive back into one’s vice can be overwhelming. To ensure that your friend stays sober, consider becoming her sponsor. In addition to checking in with her several times a day, this role will require you to make yourself available to her whenever she’s tempted to relapse. Your unwavering support and availability will play a tremendous role in your friend’s long-term recovery.

Confronting a friend or family member about an addiction is one of the hardest things a person can do. However, once you’ve put your concerns out in the open, a tremendous wave of relief is sure to wash over you. Additionally, after you’ve taken the time to address the problem, your loved one will be able to embark on the road to recovery with you by her side.


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