Vitamins can beat depression


Are you happy?

Is it difficult for you to concentrate lately? Are you forgetting details? Do you find your life pointless? If you can answer “yes” to all these questions, you should probably think about the following as well. When was the last time you had sex? Why do you feel a lack of energy for all the things you once loved to do? Why do you neglect your hobbies or any other interesting activities you used to enjoy? Why is it so difficult to go out having fun with your friends instead of staying at home wrapped in a blanket, sleeping or doing nothing? Well, it can be worse than you thought it is. Everybody can have a difficult time in their life, but not everybody is showing symptoms of clinical depression. Yes, you heard well. Instead of starring at the monitor, it’s time to deal with the problems which are troubling you. It’s not the time for crying yet, because whatever it is that’s been bothering you, it’s high time you faced it.

Sunshine as a cure

Can you remember how happy you were last summer, while you were sunbathing at the beach by the sea, or by the swimming pool? Well, perhaps it wasn’t just a coincidence. Surprising as it may seem to you, it can be described as a chemical reaction. Your body was taking in enough vitamin D through the sunbathing. Newest research has shown that the lack of vitamin D can be the one of the main causes of depression. In other words, vitamin D is directly responsible for your good mood. You might wonder how that could be possible. It happens because Vitamin D is important for proper functioning of brain areas responsible for emotions and behaviour. Also, it’s connected with releasing of dopamine and serotonin, neurotransmitters which make you happy. You might also notice that you’re not in the mood when the first rains start to fall in autumn. That’s also in direct correlation with the lack of sunshine, as you have probably concluded yourself by now.

Alternative medication for depression

For some people, antidepressant medications have too many side effects or don’t work at all. So what could you do to help yourself instead? The answer is in the nature. Changing your diet and the things you usually do can do miracles for you. For instance, with intake of vitamin B you will stabilize your central nerve system. In addition, by taking in Omega 3 acids which can be found in fish or some vegetable oils, you will improve your current mood as well. Some specialists also recommend lavender and valerian to cure anxiety. Use lavender oils for massage or place dried lavender underneath your pillow to help you sleep better.


Sometimes, food alone cannot provide you with enough of certain vitamins. In order to improve your diet you can use supplements of vitamins B or D in consultation with your doctor. There are vitamin D tablets which make the intake of this chemical much easier for you. Each vitamin can be entered to a certain extent which is optimal for your body (RDA-recommended daily allowance), and you shouldn’t be taking more than that unless your doctors prescribes it.

Occasionally, there comes a time in everyone’s life when they struggle with some difficulties. We all went through something similar. Don’t forget there will always be someone who wants to help you deal with your problems. Turn to the people you can trust and love for support.

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