Essential steps in recovery

Do you injured and want to recovery? It is need a long time to recover. Read this essential steps in recovery :-

Steps 1
– Have worn prescribed tape, brace or wrap while resting ankle.
– Can stand on ankle without pain
– Swelling has gone down

Steps 2
– Can judge when to use brace or tape during exercise
– Can draw letters of alphabet with toes
– Calf, ankle muscles back to normal strength
– Low impact aerobics, weight lifting do not cause pain or swelling

Steps 3
– Balance is same standing on injured and uninjured leg
– Increased aerobics, weight lifting does not cause pain or swelling
– Have regained previous general strength

Steps 4
– Can run and do sport-specific movements without pain or limitation
– Trainers or exercise partners are supportive of your gradual return to full fitness

Source : The Physician and Sportsmedicine

This is some tips for those who injured especially athlete. For further information, see expert nearest you.