Everything about a Holistic Dentist San Diego

Oral health is as important as the rest of the body. A number of people take it lightly and end up regretting it once the damage is done. Your teeth are a very important part of your mouth and should be looked after properly to ensure they remain strong and healthy. Visiting a dentist San Diego regularly is recommended for getting any problems checked. There are numerous dentists that can be found and they can perform regular checks and other procedures to keep your teeth in the ideal condition. However, the medicines and procedures they use can have serious side effects.

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Therefore, people feel apprehensive when they visit a dentist. The concept of holistic dentistry is gaining popularity nowadays because it is a much safer and natural approach to dentistry. Dental care performed by these dentists is effective, but it uses a different method to achieve this goal. A holistic dentist avoids the use of any traditional ingredients and materials like mercury, fluoride and other chemicals. These dentists do not just consider dental care when they are treating the patient, but take into their account their overall wellbeing. Several issues are considered by these doctors and they take the treatment one step ahead of the other approaches.

Previous dental treatments, lifestyle and diet are some issues that they address. Moreover, it is also recommended by these dentists to remove the mercury amalgam fillings because of the potential health risks that are associated with them. Mercury is a toxic lead, which can have dangerous impacts if it leeches into the body. Like a traditional dentist San Diego, holistic dentists also have to complete the same level of education. However, holistic dentists may also study additional subjects related to alternative medicine such as acupuncture, homeopathy, hypnosis and also foot reflexology.

These dentists prefer to use a natural treatment for achieving oral health instead of using a root canal or other similar invasive treatments that are used in the traditional method. It is their belief that the overall health of an individual can be affected by the health of their gums and teeth. A gum disease called Gingivitis has been linked to other health issues because it gives rise to inflammation. This can contribute to heart disease. Nonetheless, using a San Diego holistic dentist can have a myriad of benefits instead of opting for a dentist that uses the traditional road. These dentists consider the diet and lifestyle of their patient and how the gums and teeth are affected by them.

Various minerals like boron, calcium, zinc and phosphorus are needed by the teeth and they should be part of the diet. Some of the holistic dentists also have a professional massage therapist in their office. While people are receiving their dental treatments, the masseur will be rubbing their feet to help them relax. It is less stressful to visit a holistic dentist, as compared to a typical dentist San Diego because they take extra measures to ensure that their patients are comfortable and relaxed.